Welcome to Vivid Special Events

Welcome to Vivid Special Events

Welcome to Vivid Special EventsWelcome to Vivid Special Events

What is Vivid Special Events?

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The Vivid Special Events team has been producing events for over 15 years.  Throughout those years we have produced hundreds of "Repticon" pet shows from coast to coast, across the United States.  We have also produced craft shows, all-pet shows, and comic book conventions.  In 2018, we added regularly occurring art shows to our lineup of events.  

All of our events are open to the public, and they all have one thing in common:  they are rich in color, sound, and excitement.  From beautiful works of art to stunning works of nature, our events are VIVID!




For over 15 years, Repticon has produced some of the most vibrant and exciting reptile and exotic animal shows across the country.  Repticon shows run from Los Angeles to Atlanta, and from South Florida to Baltimore.   Repticon hosts shows year-round.  

Art in the Park


In 2020, we will be proud to continue the tradition of the 26th Annual Art in The Park event in Stuart, Florida.  This show has a rich decades-long history of bringing quality arts and crafts to the community during Thanksgiving weekend.

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